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101.04 - Inspector's Daily Reports
101 - Terms, Format, and Conditions102.01 Prequalification of Bidders
102.02 Contents of Proposal - Progress Clause102.03 Interpretation of Bid Items in the Proposal102.04 Examination of Plans, Specifications, and Work Site
102.05 Preparation of Bid Items in the Proposal102.06 Irregular Bids102.07 Delivery of Bid
102.08 Withdrawal or Revision of Bid102.09 Downloading of Bids102.10 Bid Review
102.11 Bid Rejection102.12 Bid Rejection Appeal102.13 Consideration of Bids
102.15 Execution and Award of Contract102.16 Requirements of Contract Bonds102.17 Bid Guaranty Payment
102.18 Subletting Contract Work to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)103.01 Intent of the Contract103.02 Contract Revisions
103.03 Contractor Engineer Communication104.01 Authority of the Department104.02 Plans and Working Drawings
104.03 Deviations from the Plans104.04 Conformity with the Contrat104.05 Removal of Unauthorized Work
104.06 Coordination of Drawing Dimensions and Contract Documentation104.07 Contractor Obligations104.08 Cooperation by the Contractor
104.09 Lines, Grades, and Elevations104.10 Contractor Claim for Extra Compensation or Time Extension104.11 Work Zone Safety and Mobility
104.12 Approval for Use of the Right of Way105.01 Quality and Scope of Supply105.02 Natural Material Sources Found Within the Excavation Limits
105.03 Borrow Materials105.04 Miscellameous Quantities105.05 Approval of Materials Incorporated into the Work
105.06 Storage of Materials105.07 Handling and Transporting Materials105.08 Nonconforming Materials
105.09 Materials not Incorporated into the Work105.10 Buy America Source of Steel and Iron
106 - Quality Assurance Acceptance Program107.01 Laws to be Observed
107.02 Permits and Licenses107.03 Patented Process and Materials107.04 Federal Aid Participation
107.05 Sanitary Provisions107.06 Furnishing Right-of-Way107.07 Protection and Restoration of Property
107.08 Land Monuments and Property Corners107.09 Archeological and Historical Findings107.10 Indemnification, Damage Liability, and Insurance
107.11 Contractor's Responsibility for the Work107.12 Contractor's Responsibility for Utility Property and Services107.13 Personal Liability of Public Officials
107.14 No Waiver of Legal Rights107.15 Compliance with Laws; Environmental Protection107.16 Forest Protection
107.17 Use of Explosives107.18 Work over Navigable Waters107.19 Hauling on Local Roads and Streets
107.20 Private Railroad Crossing for Haul Purposes107.21 Open to Traffic108.01 Subcontracting of Contract Work
108.02 Limitations of Operations108.03 Competence of Workers108.04 Adequacy of Methods and Equipment
108.05 Progress Schedule108.06 Determination of Contract Time for Work Day Contracts
108.07 Extension of Time on Work Day Contracts108.08 Extension of Time on Calendar Day Contracts108.09 Request for Time Extensions on Work Day, Calendar Day, and Calendar Date Contracts
108.10 Liquidated Damages108.11 Default of Contract108.12 Termination of Contract
109.01 Measurement of Quantities109.02 Scope of Payment109.03 Payments for Increased or Decreased Quantities
109.04 Progress and Partial Payments109.05 Payment for Contract Revisions109.06 Source of Supply and Carrier Rates on Materials
109.07 Final Inspection, Acceptance, and Final Payment150 - Mobilization2010 Updates
2011 Updates2012 Updates2013 Updates
201 - Clearing202 - Removing Trees, Stumps, and Corduroy203 - Removing Drainage Structures, Culverts, and Sewers
204 - Removing Miscellaneous Structures and Materials205 - Roadway Earthwork206 - Excavation and Backfill for Structures
207 - Obliterating Roadway208 - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (NPDES)209 - Project Cleanup
301 - Subbase302 - Aggregate Base Courses303 - Open Graded Drainage Course
304 - Rubbilizing Existing PCC Pavement305 - HMA Base Crushing and Shaping306 - Aggregate Surface Course
307 - Aggregate Shoulders and Approaches308 - Geotextiles for Base401 - Culverts
402 - Storm Sewers403 - Drainage Structures404 - Underdrain
405 - Pump Station Construction406 - Precast Three-Sided, Arch, and Box Culverts
501 - Plant Produced Hot Mix Asphalt502 - HMA Crack Treatment
503 - Paver Placed Surface Seal504 - Micro-Surfacing505 - Chip Seals
506 - Slurry Seal601 - PCC Pavement Mixtures602 - Concrete Pavement Construction
603 - Concrete Pavement Restoration604 - Contractor Quality Control for Concrete605 - Contractor Quality Assurance for Concrete
701-Portland Cement Concrete for Structures701 - Portland Cement Concrete for Structures702 - Mortar and Grout
703 - Mortar and Concrete Patching Repair and Resurfacing Mixes704 - Steel Sheet Piling and Cofferdams705 - Foundation Piling
706 - Structural Concrete707 - Structural Steel
708 - Prestressed Concrete709 - Timber Sturctures710 - Waterproofing and Protective Covers
711 - Bridge Railings712 - Bridge Rehabilitation, Concrete713 - Bridge Rehabilitation, Steel
714 - Temporary Structures and Approaches715 - Cleaning and Coating Existing Structural Steel716 - Shop Cleaning and Coating Structural Steel
717 - Downspouts and Drains718 - Drilled Shafts719 - Earth Retaining Structures
801 - Concrete Driveways802 - Concrete Curb, Gutter, and Dividers803 - Concrete Sidewalk, Ramps, and Steps
804 - Concrete Barriers and Glare Screens805 - Hot Mix Asphalt Curb806 - Bicycle Paths
807 - Guardrail, Guardrail Terminals, and Miscellaneous Posts808 - Fencing809 - Field Office
810 - Permanent Traffic Signs and Supports811 - Permanent Pavement Markings812 - Temporary Traffic Control for Construction Zone Operations
813 - Slope Protection814 - Paved Ditches815 - Landscaping
816 - Turf Establishment817 - Landscape Mowing818 - Dune Grass Planting
819 - Electrical and Lighting820 - Traffic Signals821 - Preservation of Land Monuments and Property Corners
822 - Ground or Cut Centerline and Shoulder Corrugations823 - Water Mains824 - Contractor Staking
Apprentices and TraineesCertification ProgramsCommentary - Special Provision for Quality Control and Acceptance of Portland Cement Concrete 12SP604(B)
Construction Field Services Indirect Testing ChargesConstruction Manual Wiki Tips
Construction Technology Support ResourcesConstruction Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP)
Content Revision ProceduresContract Administration and Oversight Guidelines for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) ProjectsContract Administration and Oversight Guidelines for Projects Containing Warranty Work
Contractor's Equipment and Traffic Control
Davis-Bacon and State Prevailing Wage InformationDev PageDisadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)
Dispute Review Board (DRB)Division 2 Supplemental Information
Division 3 Supplemental InformationDivision 7 Supplemental InformationE-Construction
E-SignatureExtending Project Limits
FieldManagerFinal Financial Process
Frequently Searched Items
Holiday Traffic Safety ProvisionsHot Mix Asphalt Production ManualInformation Sharing About Construction Contractors and Consultants
LCPtracker Supplemental InformationLocal AgencyMain Page
Manual Section and Page NumberMaterial Source List Forms (501)-Processing and Approval ProcedureMaterials Quality Assurance Procedures Manual
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Notice of Non-Compliance with Contract RequirementsOversight of Maintenance Funded Projects Using the Michigan Department of Transportation Letting SystemPavement Historical Database
Plans, Proposal, Input, Review and EvaluationPreconstruction Meeting
Prevailing Wage Oversight ProceduresProcessing Sewage/Storm Water Damage ClaimsProject Delays Due to a Utility Company
Project OrderProject with Consultant OversightProjects with Incentive Provisions
Quality Initiatives and AdjustmentsRailroad Highway Projects
Revision Navigation
Section 601 - Portland Cement Concrete for PavementsSection 701 - Portland Cement Concrete for Structures
Table of Contents Division 1Table of Contents Division 1 Supplemental
Weight Limit WaiversWork Order
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Division 2 - Earthwork
Division 3 - Base Courses
Division 4 - Drainage Features
Division 5 - HMA Pavements and Surface Treatments
Division 6 - PCC Pavement Mixtures
Division 7 - Structures
Division 8 - Incidental Construction