107.12 Contractor's Responsibility for Utility Property and Services

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Licensed Electrician Required on Electrical Work

This article is to reinforce the importance of consistent practices when validating the presence of a licensed electrician on projects during the performance of electrical work.

State law requires the presence of a licensed electrician on the job site when work is being performed on state projects involving electrical wiring.

Project offices shall require the contractor to furnish the electrician’s name and a copy of his/her license at the pre-construction meeting. We encourage staff to request certification from the contractor, at the pre-construction meeting, that a licensed electrician will be on site when performing electrical work.

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MDOT Freeway Lighting and ITS Staking Request

The Department’s freeway lighting system, the ITS, and other miscellaneous electrical systems are not a part of Miss Dig. The Contractor is to contact the maintenance representative at the MDOT Region Office before starting work near lighting systems, the ITS, and traffic systems. Work is not permitted to start until the Department has staked the lighting systems, the ITS, and traffic systems. Forms 5300 and 5300A are for contractor use and have clear instructions for submittal of completed forms. These forms should be provided or referenced to the contractor if these systems exist on MDOT projects. - Form 5300, Underground Infrastructure Locating/Staking Request - Form 5300A, MDOT Freeway Lighting Electrical Wire Staking Request

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