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With the advent of Plan Review Reengineering, the Engineer assigned to the construction of the project is now involved in providing input to the development of a project’s plans and proposal in the design phase. The Engineer will be invited to, and is urged to participate in, the Scope Verification Meeting, the Plan Review Meeting (formerly the Pre-GI and GI meetings) and the Omissions/Errors Check (OEC) Meeting. All of these meetings are held prior to the project's bid letting. At the OEC Meeting, the Engineer provides the Progress Clause, signs off on the plan's title sheet (along with the Project Manager) and signs the Certification Acceptance Form. Refer to the Progress Clause portion of this section of the Construction Manual for instructions on preparation of Progress Clauses.

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Design/Construction Package Evaluation

The Design Package Evaluation (DPE) system has been retired and no longer exists. There is no replacement system at this time. However, in order to stay in compliance with audit findings for maintaining the communication loop from Construction to Design; it is highly recommended that the Post Construction Review Meeting is held and that both the Design Project Manager and the Contractor are invited in order to discuss relevant issues.

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LAP Project Considerations

The Plan Review/Grade-Inspection Meeting is a function of the Local Agency Program Unit within the Bureau of Development. Information regarding this activity can be found in LAP Instructions to Local Agencies for Preparing Federal Aid Project to Bid through MDOT located at

The local agency is responsible for providing plans to and inviting the DR to the Plan Review/Grade Inspection Meeting so the DR may provide general constructability review and/or mobility input comments for the project. If the DR is unable to attend the Plan Review/Grade-Inspection Meeting, they should forward their comments to the LAP Staff Engineer and the local agency.

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Post-Construction Reviews

The purpose of a post-construction review is to provide feedback to design staff and other stakeholders to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of future projects. The process outlined below will be used on MDOT trunkline projects only and will only apply to the post construction reviews. There are two types of post-construction reviews:

  • Tier 1 – Projects selected by the region or TSC with regular plan sets. ITS projects shall be included in this type of review. A post-construction review meeting will be held with project stakeholders to evaluate the items listed in the guide below. An MDOT designated representative will record the minutes. The post-construction review should be held in conjunction with the last progress meeting, or on a date, location, and time agreed upon with the contractor within 30 days after final acceptance. Approval from the region engineer is required to cancel a post-construction review meeting for any project that is selected.
  • Tier 2 – Log projects selected by the region, TSC, or requested by a project stakeholder. A post-construction review meeting may be held, if desired, by project stakeholders. The post-construction review should be held in conjunction with the last progress meeting, or on a date, location, and time agreed upon with the contractor within 30 days after final acceptance.

The MDOT-designated representative should encourage the prime contractor and major subcontractor(s) to participate in the post-construction review process with written comments.

The following language shall be included in all progress clauses:

The low bidder(s) for the work covered by this proposal may be required to meet with department representatives for a post-construction review meeting, as directed by the engineer. The MDOT designated representative will schedule the meeting.

The following Post-Construction Review Guidelines outline the selection criteria and format to apply for each post-construction review tier:

Post-Construction Review Guidelines
Tier Selection Criteria Format Recommended Guidelines
1 Projects with regular plan sets and ITS projects. At a minimum, recommended projects include those designated as FHWA oversight, high impact, or with emerging technology and/or innovative construction practices. Hold a Post-Construction Review Meeting in conjunction with last progress meeting, or a date agreed upon with the contractor within 30 days after final acceptance
1. MDOT project stakeholders (TSC/region construction, design, and maintenance staff, CFS specialists, Lansing Design, Traffic & Safety staff, etc.)
2. FHWA area engineer (FHWA oversight project only)
3. Prime Contractors
4. Major Subcontractors^^
5. Consultant project stakeholders  (Development and/or Delivery Staff)^^
6. Local Agency Project Stakeholders  (County, city, township, village)^^
7. Public and Private Utilities^^
2 Log Projects^ If required, hold a Post-Construction Review Meeting in conjunction with last progress meeting, or a date agreed upon with the contractor within 30 days after final acceptance. Post-construction review meeting not required, but can be held if requested by the project stakeholder(s). As determined by the engineer, using Tier 1 as a reference guide to determine appropriate attendees.


^ The region or TSC will designate projects that will require a post-construction review.
^^ If applicable.

The following Guide for Conducting Post-Construction Review Meetings is a checklist for conducting post-construction review meetings. Particular emphasis should be placed on attendees providing constructive feedback; avoid discussing details on pending claims can be found in figure below and in the link here.

Post Construction Review

Once the Post Construction Review Meeting has been completed and the meeting minutes have been complied, they are to be deposited in ProjectWise under the Post-Construction Meeting Minutes folder for that job. Changing the state on the meeting minutes within ProjectWise and generating/sending the email notification ensures that both the Design Project Manager and the Region Construction Engineer are notified when the minutes are posted and ready for review. This also safeguards the communication loop between Construction and Design.

Detailed instructions for depositing Post Construction Meeting Minutes in ProjectWise can be found here.

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LAP Project Considerations

LAP projects do not participate in MDOT’s Post-Construction Review processes.

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