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  1. Invalid title with namespace "(Main)" and text "Division_1_–_General_Provisions"
  2. (hist) β€ŽJoe test page 5 β€Ž[58 bytes]
  3. (hist) β€ŽTable of Contents Division 1 Supplemental β€Ž[63 bytes]
  4. (hist) β€Ž109.01 Measurement of Quantities β€Ž[132 bytes]
  5. (hist) β€Ž109.02 Scope of Payment β€Ž[132 bytes]
  6. (hist) β€Ž109.03 Payments for Increased or Decreased Quantities β€Ž[132 bytes]
  7. (hist) β€Ž102.03 Interpretation of Bid Items in the Proposal β€Ž[154 bytes]
  8. (hist) β€Ž102.04 Examination of Plans, Specifications, and Work Site β€Ž[154 bytes]
  9. (hist) β€Ž102.05 Preparation of Bid Items in the Proposal β€Ž[154 bytes]
  10. (hist) β€Ž102.06 Irregular Bids β€Ž[154 bytes]
  11. (hist) β€Ž102.07 Delivery of Bid β€Ž[154 bytes]
  12. (hist) β€Ž102.08 Withdrawal or Revision of Bid β€Ž[154 bytes]
  13. (hist) β€Ž102.09 Downloading of Bids β€Ž[154 bytes]
  14. (hist) β€Ž102.10 Bid Review β€Ž[154 bytes]
  15. (hist) β€Ž102.11 Bid Rejection β€Ž[154 bytes]
  16. (hist) β€Ž102.12 Bid Rejection Appeal β€Ž[154 bytes]
  17. (hist) β€Ž102.13 Consideration of Bids β€Ž[154 bytes]
  18. (hist) β€Ž102.15 Execution and Award of Contract β€Ž[154 bytes]
  19. (hist) β€Ž102.16 Requirements of Contract Bonds β€Ž[154 bytes]
  20. (hist) β€Ž102.17 Bid Guaranty Payment β€Ž[154 bytes]
  21. (hist) β€Ž103.01 Intent of the Contract β€Ž[154 bytes]
  22. (hist) β€Ž103.03 Contractor Engineer Communication β€Ž[154 bytes]
  23. (hist) β€Ž104.02 Plans and Working Drawings β€Ž[154 bytes]
  24. (hist) β€Ž104.03 Deviations from the Plans β€Ž[154 bytes]
  25. (hist) β€Ž104.04 Conformity with the Contrat β€Ž[154 bytes]
  26. (hist) β€Ž104.05 Removal of Unauthorized Work β€Ž[154 bytes]
  27. (hist) β€Ž104.06 Coordination of Drawing Dimensions and Contract Documentation β€Ž[154 bytes]
  28. (hist) β€Ž104.08 Cooperation by the Contractor β€Ž[154 bytes]
  29. (hist) β€Ž104.11 Work Zone Safety and Mobility β€Ž[154 bytes]
  30. (hist) β€Ž104.12 Approval for Use of the Right of Way β€Ž[154 bytes]
  31. (hist) β€Ž105.02 Natural Material Sources Found Within the Excavation Limits β€Ž[154 bytes]
  32. (hist) β€Ž105.03 Borrow Materials β€Ž[154 bytes]
  33. (hist) β€Ž105.04 Miscellameous Quantities β€Ž[154 bytes]
  34. (hist) β€Ž105.05 Approval of Materials Incorporated into the Work β€Ž[154 bytes]
  35. (hist) β€Ž105.06 Storage of Materials β€Ž[154 bytes]
  36. (hist) β€Ž105.08 Nonconforming Materials β€Ž[154 bytes]
  37. (hist) β€Ž105.09 Materials not Incorporated into the Work β€Ž[154 bytes]
  38. (hist) β€Ž107.01 Laws to be Observed β€Ž[154 bytes]
  39. (hist) β€Ž107.02 Permits and Licenses β€Ž[154 bytes]
  40. (hist) β€Ž107.03 Patented Process and Materials β€Ž[154 bytes]
  41. (hist) β€Ž107.04 Federal Aid Participation β€Ž[154 bytes]
  42. (hist) β€Ž107.05 Sanitary Provisions β€Ž[154 bytes]
  43. (hist) β€Ž107.06 Furnishing Right-of-Way β€Ž[154 bytes]
  44. (hist) β€Ž107.07 Protection and Restoration of Property β€Ž[154 bytes]
  45. (hist) β€Ž107.08 Land Monuments and Property Corners β€Ž[154 bytes]
  46. (hist) β€Ž107.10 Indemnification, Damage Liability, and Insurance β€Ž[154 bytes]
  47. (hist) β€Ž107.11 Contractor's Responsibility for the Work β€Ž[154 bytes]
  48. (hist) β€Ž107.13 Personal Liability of Public Officials β€Ž[154 bytes]
  49. (hist) β€Ž107.14 No Waiver of Legal Rights β€Ž[154 bytes]
  50. (hist) β€Ž107.16 Forest Protection β€Ž[154 bytes]
  51. (hist) β€Ž107.17 Use of Explosives β€Ž[154 bytes]
  52. (hist) β€Ž107.18 Work over Navigable Waters β€Ž[154 bytes]
  53. (hist) β€Ž107.19 Hauling on Local Roads and Streets β€Ž[154 bytes]
  54. (hist) β€Ž107.20 Private Railroad Crossing for Haul Purposes β€Ž[154 bytes]
  55. (hist) β€Ž108.02 Limitations of Operations β€Ž[154 bytes]
  56. (hist) β€Ž108.03 Competence of Workers β€Ž[154 bytes]
  57. (hist) β€Ž108.04 Adequacy of Methods and Equipment β€Ž[154 bytes]
  58. (hist) β€Ž108.06 Determination of Contract Time for Work Day Contracts β€Ž[154 bytes]
  59. (hist) β€Ž108.08 Extension of Time on Calendar Day Contracts β€Ž[154 bytes]
  60. (hist) β€Ž108.09 Request for Time Extensions on Work Day, Calendar Day, and Calendar Date Contracts β€Ž[154 bytes]
  61. (hist) β€Ž108.11 Default of Contract β€Ž[154 bytes]
  62. (hist) β€Ž108.12 Termination of Contract β€Ž[154 bytes]
  63. (hist) β€Ž109.06 Source of Supply and Carrier Rates on Materials β€Ž[154 bytes]
  64. (hist) β€Ž107.21 Open to Traffic β€Ž[154 bytes]
  65. (hist) β€Ž2011 Updates β€Ž[302 bytes]
  66. (hist) β€ŽConstruction Technology Support Resources β€Ž[429 bytes]
  67. (hist) β€Ž106 - Quality Assurance Acceptance Program β€Ž[534 bytes]
  68. (hist) β€ŽTable of Contents Division 1 β€Ž[583 bytes]
  69. (hist) β€ŽFinal Project Review Report β€Ž[610 bytes]
  70. (hist) β€Ž101 - Terms, Format, and Conditions β€Ž[651 bytes]
  71. (hist) β€ŽModule:Yesno β€Ž[679 bytes]
  72. (hist) β€Ž506 - Slurry Seal β€Ž[703 bytes]
  73. (hist) β€Ž823 - Water Mains β€Ž[703 bytes]
  74. (hist) β€Ž805 - Hot Mix Asphalt Curb β€Ž[709 bytes]
  75. (hist) β€Ž817 - Landscape Mowing β€Ž[713 bytes]
  76. (hist) β€Ž818 - Dune Grass Planting β€Ž[721 bytes]
  77. (hist) β€Ž308 - Geotextiles for Base β€Ž[722 bytes]
  78. (hist) β€Ž822 - Ground or Cut Centerline and Shoulder Corrugations β€Ž[734 bytes]
  79. (hist) β€Ž503 - Paver Placed Surface Seal β€Ž[735 bytes]
  80. (hist) β€Ž810 - Permanent Traffic Signs and Supports β€Ž[744 bytes]
  81. (hist) β€Ž406 - Precast Three-Sided, Arch, and Box Culverts β€Ž[749 bytes]
  82. (hist) β€Ž821 - Preservation of Land Monuments and Property Corners β€Ž[778 bytes]
  83. (hist) β€Ž107.15 Compliance with Laws; Environmental Protection β€Ž[862 bytes]
  84. (hist) β€ŽOversight of Maintenance Funded Projects Using the Michigan Department of Transportation Letting System β€Ž[1,141 bytes]
  85. (hist) β€ŽManual Section and Page Number β€Ž[1,203 bytes]
  86. (hist) β€Ž306 - Aggregate Surface Course β€Ž[1,257 bytes]
  87. (hist) β€Ž105.07 Handling and Transporting Materials β€Ž[1,262 bytes]
  88. (hist) β€Ž104.01 Authority of the Department β€Ž[1,304 bytes]
  89. (hist) β€ŽConstruction Manual Wiki Tips β€Ž[1,332 bytes]
  90. (hist) β€ŽContractor's Equipment and Traffic Control β€Ž[1,396 bytes]
  91. (hist) β€Ž504 - Micro-Surfacing β€Ž[1,432 bytes]
  92. (hist) β€Ž824 - Contractor Staking β€Ž[1,467 bytes]
  93. (hist) β€ŽCertified Office Technician Process β€Ž[1,503 bytes]
  94. (hist) β€ŽDivision 3 Supplemental Information β€Ž[1,600 bytes]
  95. (hist) β€Ž209 - Project Cleanup β€Ž[1,607 bytes]
  96. (hist) β€Ž405 - Pump Station Construction β€Ž[1,615 bytes]
  97. (hist) β€Ž2013 Updates β€Ž[1,681 bytes]
  98. (hist) β€Ž819 - Electrical and Lighting β€Ž[1,690 bytes]
  99. (hist) β€Ž303 - Open Graded Drainage Course β€Ž[1,714 bytes]
  100. (hist) β€ŽPavement Historical Database β€Ž[1,722 bytes]
  101. (hist) β€ŽInformation Sharing About Construction Contractors and Consultants β€Ž[1,747 bytes]
  102. (hist) β€Ž207 - Obliterating Roadway β€Ž[1,786 bytes]
  103. (hist) β€Ž150 - Mobilization β€Ž[1,941 bytes]
  104. (hist) β€Ž505 - Chip Seals β€Ž[1,969 bytes]
  105. (hist) β€ŽRevision Navigation β€Ž[2,008 bytes]
  106. (hist) β€Ž809 - Field Office β€Ž[2,134 bytes]
  107. (hist) β€ŽDispute Review Board (DRB) β€Ž[2,148 bytes]
  108. (hist) β€Ž203 - Removing Drainage Structures, Culverts, and Sewers β€Ž[2,179 bytes]
  109. (hist) β€ŽProject with Consultant Oversight β€Ž[2,236 bytes]
  110. (hist) β€ŽFrequently Searched Items β€Ž[2,290 bytes]
  111. (hist) β€Ž202 - Removing Trees, Stumps, and Corduroy β€Ž[2,353 bytes]
  112. (hist) β€ŽProjects with Incentive Provisions β€Ž[2,453 bytes]
  113. (hist) β€ŽPreconstruction Meeting β€Ž[2,493 bytes]
  114. (hist) β€ŽNotice of Non-Compliance with Contract Requirements β€Ž[2,496 bytes]
  115. (hist) β€Ž502 - HMA Crack Treatment β€Ž[2,540 bytes]
  116. (hist) β€ŽModule:Namespace detect/data β€Ž[2,577 bytes]
  117. (hist) β€ŽLetter to File β€Ž[2,586 bytes]
  118. (hist) β€Ž109.08 Prompt Payment β€Ž[2,719 bytes]
  119. (hist) β€Ž108.05 Progress Schedule β€Ž[2,721 bytes]
  120. (hist) β€ŽWork Order β€Ž[2,888 bytes]
  121. Invalid title with namespace "(Main)" and text "101.4_INSPECTOR’S_DAILY_REPORT_(IDR)"
  122. (hist) β€Ž101.04 - Inspector's Daily Reports β€Ž[2,983 bytes]
  123. (hist) β€ŽStructural Fabrication Quality Manual β€Ž[3,031 bytes]
  124. (hist) β€Ž107.12 Contractor's Responsibility for Utility Property and Services β€Ž[3,060 bytes]
  125. (hist) β€Ž700 - Closure of Unsafe Structures β€Ž[3,092 bytes]
  126. (hist) β€Ž814 - Paved Ditches β€Ž[3,093 bytes]
  127. (hist) β€Ž803 - Concrete Sidewalk, Ramps, and Steps β€Ž[3,177 bytes]
  128. (hist) β€Ž301 - Subbase β€Ž[3,192 bytes]
  129. (hist) β€ŽFHWA CAP Action Plans β€Ž[3,338 bytes]
  130. (hist) β€Ž109.04 Progress and Partial Payments β€Ž[3,344 bytes]
  131. (hist) β€ŽWeight Limit Waivers β€Ž[3,486 bytes]
  132. (hist) β€ŽModule:Namespace detect/config β€Ž[3,558 bytes]
  133. (hist) β€ŽInterim File Review β€Ž[3,788 bytes]
  134. (hist) β€Ž304 - Rubbilizing Existing PCC Pavement β€Ž[3,805 bytes]
  135. (hist) β€Ž806 - Bicycle Paths β€Ž[3,821 bytes]
  136. (hist) β€Ž104.10 Contractor Claim for Extra Compensation or Time Extension β€Ž[3,986 bytes]
  137. (hist) β€Ž305 - HMA Base Crushing and Shaping β€Ž[3,999 bytes]
  138. (hist) β€ŽProcess for Documenting Certified Materials in FieldManager β€Ž[4,109 bytes]
  139. (hist) β€Ž107.09 Archeological and Historical Findings β€Ž[4,112 bytes]
  140. (hist) β€ŽExtending Project Limits β€Ž[4,224 bytes]
  141. (hist) β€ŽModule:HtmlBuilder β€Ž[4,278 bytes]
  142. (hist) β€ŽHot Mix Asphalt Production Manual β€Ž[4,324 bytes]
  143. (hist) β€ŽApprentices and Trainees β€Ž[4,411 bytes]
  144. (hist) β€Ž813 - Slope Protection β€Ž[4,426 bytes]
  145. (hist) β€ŽE-Signature β€Ž[4,910 bytes]
  146. (hist) β€Ž105.01 Quality and Scope of Supply β€Ž[4,986 bytes]
  147. (hist) β€ŽContent Revision Procedures β€Ž[5,028 bytes]
  148. (hist) β€Ž801 - Concrete Driveways β€Ž[5,059 bytes]
  149. (hist) β€Ž307 - Aggregate Shoulders and Approaches β€Ž[5,206 bytes]
  150. (hist) β€ŽConstruction Field Services Indirect Testing Charges β€Ž[5,227 bytes]
  151. (hist) β€Ž717 - Downspouts and Drains β€Ž[5,261 bytes]
  152. (hist) β€Ž702 - Mortar and Grout β€Ž[5,270 bytes]
  153. (hist) β€ŽHoliday Traffic Safety Provisions β€Ž[5,543 bytes]
  154. (hist) β€ŽMandrel Testing of Plastic Pipe β€Ž[5,560 bytes]
  155. (hist) β€Ž815 - Landscaping β€Ž[5,746 bytes]
  156. (hist) β€Ž808 - Fencing β€Ž[5,782 bytes]
  157. (hist) β€Ž404 - Underdrain β€Ž[5,788 bytes]
  158. (hist) β€Ž2012 Updates β€Ž[5,864 bytes]
  159. (hist) β€Ž302 - Aggregate Base Courses β€Ž[5,979 bytes]
  160. (hist) β€ŽModule:Namespace detect β€Ž[6,006 bytes]
  161. (hist) β€ŽContract Administration and Oversight Guidelines for Projects Containing Warranty Work β€Ž[6,091 bytes]
  162. (hist) β€Ž703 - Mortar and Concrete Patching Repair and Resurfacing Mixes β€Ž[6,097 bytes]
  163. (hist) β€Ž804 - Concrete Barriers and Glare Screens β€Ž[6,283 bytes]
  164. (hist) β€Ž820 - Traffic Signals β€Ž[6,533 bytes]
  165. (hist) β€Ž403 - Drainage Structures β€Ž[6,804 bytes]
  166. (hist) β€Ž812 - Temporary Traffic Control for Construction Zone Operations β€Ž[7,016 bytes]
  167. (hist) β€Ž206 - Excavation and Backfill for Structures β€Ž[7,080 bytes]
  168. (hist) β€ŽTable of Contents by Project Phase β€Ž[7,087 bytes]
  169. (hist) β€Ž2010 Updates β€Ž[7,209 bytes]
  170. (hist) β€Ž711 - Bridge Railings β€Ž[7,306 bytes]
  171. (hist) β€ŽModule:Message box/configuration β€Ž[7,392 bytes]
  172. (hist) β€ŽPlans, Proposal, Input, Review and Evaluation β€Ž[7,493 bytes]
  173. (hist) β€Ž201 - Clearing β€Ž[7,581 bytes]
  174. (hist) β€Ž108.01 Subcontracting of Contract Work β€Ž[7,618 bytes]
  175. (hist) β€Ž807 - Guardrail, Guardrail Terminals, and Miscellaneous Posts β€Ž[7,953 bytes]
  176. (hist) β€Ž102.01 Prequalification of Bidders β€Ž[8,146 bytes]
  177. (hist) β€Ž204 - Removing Miscellaneous Structures and Materials β€Ž[8,385 bytes]
  178. (hist) β€ŽModule:Arguments β€Ž[8,451 bytes]
  179. (hist) β€Ž710 - Waterproofing and Protective Covers β€Ž[8,786 bytes]
  180. (hist) β€Ž716 - Shop Cleaning and Coating Structural Steel β€Ž[8,798 bytes]
  181. (hist) β€ŽDivision 2 Supplemental Information β€Ž[8,832 bytes]
  182. (hist) β€Ž108.07 Extension of Time on Work Day Contracts β€Ž[8,864 bytes]
  183. (hist) β€ŽLCPtracker Supplemental Information β€Ž[8,907 bytes]
  184. (hist) β€Ž108.10 Liquidated Damages β€Ž[8,911 bytes]
  185. (hist) β€ŽProject Delays Due to a Utility Company β€Ž[8,982 bytes]
  186. (hist) β€ŽQuality Initiatives and Adjustments β€Ž[9,270 bytes]
  187. (hist) β€Ž719 - Earth Retaining Structures β€Ž[9,818 bytes]
  188. (hist) β€ŽConstruction Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP) β€Ž[10,119 bytes]
  189. (hist) β€ŽCertified Engineer Process β€Ž[10,925 bytes]
  190. (hist) β€Ž802 - Concrete Curb, Gutter, and Dividers β€Ž[12,057 bytes]
  191. (hist) β€ŽRailroad Highway Projects β€Ž[12,301 bytes]
  192. (hist) β€ŽSection 701 - Portland Cement Concrete for Structures β€Ž[12,460 bytes]
  193. (hist) β€ŽModule:Category handler β€Ž[13,034 bytes]
  194. (hist) β€ŽProject Closeout Escalation of Accountability β€Ž[13,228 bytes]
  195. (hist) β€Ž104.07 Contractor Obligations β€Ž[13,305 bytes]
  196. (hist) β€Ž713 - Bridge Rehabilitation, Steel β€Ž[14,939 bytes]
  197. (hist) β€Ž401 - Culverts β€Ž[15,098 bytes]
  198. (hist) β€Ž402 - Storm Sewers β€Ž[15,399 bytes]
  199. (hist) β€Ž816 - Turf Establishment β€Ž[15,720 bytes]
  200. (hist) β€Ž701 - Portland Cement Concrete for Structures β€Ž[15,761 bytes]
  201. (hist) β€ŽDisadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) β€Ž[15,899 bytes]
  202. (hist) β€Ž102.02 Contents of Proposal - Progress Clause β€Ž[16,683 bytes]
  203. (hist) β€Ž208 - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (NPDES) β€Ž[16,786 bytes]
  204. (hist) β€ŽFPR Frequently Asked Questions β€Ž[16,830 bytes]
  205. (hist) β€ŽContract Administration and Oversight Guidelines for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Projects β€Ž[17,300 bytes]
  206. (hist) β€Ž105.10 Buy America Source of Steel and Iron β€Ž[17,477 bytes]
  207. (hist) β€Ž709 - Timber Sturctures β€Ž[17,932 bytes]
  208. (hist) β€ŽModule:Message box β€Ž[17,951 bytes]
  209. (hist) β€ŽFinal Project Review β€Ž[18,221 bytes]
  210. (hist) β€ŽModule:Documentation/config β€Ž[18,760 bytes]
  211. (hist) β€Ž714 - Temporary Structures and Approaches β€Ž[19,207 bytes]
  212. (hist) β€ŽProcessing Sewage/Storm Water Damage Claims β€Ž[20,380 bytes]
  213. (hist) β€Ž601 - PCC Pavement Mixtures β€Ž[20,990 bytes]
  214. (hist) β€ŽDavis-Bacon and State Prevailing Wage Information β€Ž[23,699 bytes]
  215. (hist) β€Ž603 - Concrete Pavement Restoration β€Ž[23,939 bytes]
  216. (hist) β€Ž701-Portland Cement Concrete for Structures β€Ž[25,112 bytes]
  217. (hist) β€ŽFieldManager β€Ž[25,714 bytes]
  218. (hist) β€Ž102.18 Subletting Contract Work to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) β€Ž[27,490 bytes]
  219. (hist) β€Ž708 - Prestressed Concrete β€Ž[27,543 bytes]
  220. (hist) β€Ž605 - Contractor Quality Assurance for Concrete β€Ž[27,884 bytes]
  221. (hist) β€Ž718 - Drilled Shafts β€Ž[28,840 bytes]
  222. (hist) β€ŽDev Page β€Ž[29,046 bytes]
  223. (hist) β€Ž704 - Steel Sheet Piling and Cofferdams β€Ž[30,071 bytes]
  224. (hist) β€Ž705 - Foundation Piling β€Ž[30,124 bytes]
  225. (hist) β€ŽLocal Agency Program (LAP) β€Ž[30,246 bytes]
  226. (hist) β€Ž604 - Contractor Quality Control for Concrete β€Ž[30,358 bytes]
  227. (hist) β€Ž706 - Structural Concrete β€Ž[33,071 bytes]
  228. (hist) β€ŽDivision 7 Supplemental Information β€Ž[33,445 bytes]
  229. (hist) β€Ž715 - Cleaning and Coating Existing Structural Steel β€Ž[33,578 bytes]
  230. (hist) β€ŽMaterials Quality Assurance Procedures Manual β€Ž[34,941 bytes]
  231. (hist) β€ŽMain Page β€Ž[36,096 bytes]
  232. (hist) β€ŽModule:Documentation β€Ž[36,302 bytes]
  233. (hist) β€ŽSection 601 - Portland Cement Concrete for Pavements β€Ž[37,221 bytes]
  234. (hist) β€Ž109.07 Final Inspection, Acceptance, and Final Payment β€Ž[37,829 bytes]
  235. (hist) β€ŽCommentary - Special Provision for Quality Control and Acceptance of Portland Cement Concrete 12SP604(B) β€Ž[41,024 bytes]
  236. (hist) β€Ž103.02 Contract Revisions β€Ž[41,570 bytes]
  237. (hist) β€Ž109.05 Payment for Contract Revisions β€Ž[45,646 bytes]
  238. (hist) β€Ž707 - Structural Steel β€Ž[46,545 bytes]
  239. (hist) β€ŽE-Construction β€Ž[53,525 bytes]
  240. (hist) β€Ž602 - Concrete Pavement Construction β€Ž[53,989 bytes]
  241. (hist) β€ŽPrevailing Wage Oversight Procedures β€Ž[54,016 bytes]
  242. (hist) β€Ž811 - Permanent Pavement Markings β€Ž[56,122 bytes]
  243. (hist) β€Ž205 - Roadway Earthwork β€Ž[79,378 bytes]
  244. (hist) β€Ž712 - Bridge Rehabilitation, Concrete β€Ž[85,502 bytes]
  245. (hist) β€Ž501 - Plant Produced Hot Mix Asphalt β€Ž[134,449 bytes]
  246. (hist) β€Ž104.09 Lines, Grades, and Elevations β€Ž[206,170 bytes]

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Division 2 - Earthwork
Division 3 - Base Courses
Division 4 - Drainage Features
Division 5 - HMA Pavements and Surface Treatments
Division 6 - PCC Pavement Mixtures
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