101.04 - Inspector's Daily Reports

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Perhaps the single most important type of project documentation is the Inspector’s Daily Report (IDR) and its variations. Because of the IDR’s importance, it is imperative that it be prepared correctly, legibly and thoroughly. At the very minimum, a completed IDR must include all report header information, a statement in the body of the report and a signature.

The exact nomenclature and pay item code number shown in the proposal must be used when turning in a pay item. Any inaccuracy in nomenclature or code can be misleading, as many contracts contain pay items with similar nomenclature. When using the manual Inspector’s Daily Report Worksheet (IDRW), Form 1122-C, which will be input into FieldManager to generate IDR’s, it is good practice to emphasize both pay items and quantities by underlining, underlining in red, recording in a different color or some other method.

The recommended work flow method for submitting automated IDR’s or manual IDRW’s to the office for processing is to have each individual inspector complete the IDR and submit it to the office for processing. The senior technician then summarizes all pay items for all the inspectors on one report, adding any additional pay items or data needed. This completed, summarized IDR then becomes the primary documentation.

Regardless of the method used, it is always the senior technician’s responsibility to collect all reports daily, review them and turn them into the office technician. Either the senior technician or the office technician checks and initials all computations.

Inspectors should complete and submit reports no later than the first work day after the work was performed. The sooner information is put in writing, the more accurate it will be.

In addition to the pay items, other details to be documented in the body of the report include Subcontractor information, final pay item quantities, final pay item field measurement (these items should be clearly labeled as final measured), associated pay item test material usage and comments, comments on maintaining traffic and maintenance of traffic devices (traffic device checks must be recorded daily). Comments on attitude and quality of Contractor’s work may also be recorded.

Other details that should be recorded include complaints from the public, along with inspector responses to these complaints, unusual events, daily weather conditions and accidents. Exceptionally good or bad work may also be cited.

Questions regarding this process can be answered by calling the FieldManager Help Line at 517-322-1556.

A sample IDR is shown in Figure 101.04-1.

File:Figure101.04-1.png Figure 101.04-1

   Sample IDR

File:Figure101.04-1cont.png Figure 101.04-1 (cont.)

   Sample IDR