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Office Technician Certification Requirements

The requirement to follow all applicable documentation and project administration oversight procedures for federal and state funded projects is of paramount importance. Failure to follow the procedures can result in loss of State and/or Federal-Aid funding for the projects.

All staff performing the role of Office Technician and handling the oversight of project documentation for state or Federal-Aid projects must have a current, non-expired, MDOT Office Technician Certification on file. These requirements apply to all State and Federal-Aid funded projects, MDOT, and/or local agency, including all projects overseen by the local agency, MDOT, and/or their consultant representative including maintenance projects that are let through the MDOT letting system. Certification expiration notices will not be sent out as it is the responsibility of each certified person to schedule their renewal and maintain current certification. All existing office technician certification or similarly titled certifications expire after four (4) years unless stated otherwise.

Applicants registering for Office Technician Training course must have proof of FieldManager certification.

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