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This page is for testing purposes

Preconstruction Meeting – A preconstruction meeting shall be held after the contract award. The LPE is responsible for scheduling and conducting the preconstruction meeting and shall invite the DR. The DR (or designee) is encouraged to attend local agency preconstruction meetings. In addition, the DR (or designee) shall attend preconstruction meetings for projects within MDOT’s right-of-way. For additional information, please refer to MDOT’s Construction Manual, Section 102, Preconstruction Meeting. The LPE is also responsible for submitting the following information to the DR, along with the progress schedule:

• The authorized person employed by the local agency and their contact information.

• The project engineer, including their PE license number, expiration date, and contact information.

• The testing and inspection personnel with certification numbers and expiration dates.

Local Agency Project Consideration - Extensions of Time

Local Agency Project Consideration - Progress Clause

Local Agency Project Consideration - Preconstruction