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Dispute Review Board (DRB)

The Dispute Review Board (DRB) process is used on projects that have incorporated the Special Provision for Dispute Review Board. The DRB Procedures describe the MDOT procedures for submittal and review of Contractor claims and Contractor performance evaluation appeals using a Dispute Review Board (DRB). For more information, please refer to the Dispute Review Board folder in ProjectWise. It is located under the following path: MDOTProjectWise\Documents\External Partnerships\Dispute Review Board (DRB).

The ProjectWise folder includes the current MDOT DRB Procedures, DRB Agreement, Special Provision, and the approved DRB candidate list. It also contains individual folders for each DRB candidate used to store and update their DRB application and resume. All ProjectWise users have access to these documents to assist in the selection, review, and approval of potential DRB panel members.

The most current DRB Procedures are published on the website and linked below:

Dispute Review Board (DRB) Operating Procedures (effective for all projects let on and after October 6, 2017)

NOTE: For projects let before October 6, 2017 please reference the applicable DRB procedures linked below.

Dispute Review Board (DRB) Operating Procedures (effective for all projects let on and March 4, 2016 through and including September 6, 2017).

Dispute Review Board (DRB) Operating Procedures (effective for projects let on September 4, 2015, through and including March 3, 2016

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Dispute Review Board Process Flowchart

DRB Process Flowchart
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