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<center><span STYLE="font: 40pt arial;">'''Division 1 Supplemental Information'''</span></center>
<center><span STYLE="font: 40pt arial;">'''Division 1 Supplemental Information'''</span></center>
<center><span STYLE="font: 30pt arial;">'''e-Construction'''</span></center>
<center><span STYLE="font: 30pt arial;">'''e-Construction'''</span></center>
===[[#Project Records|Project Records]]===
===[[#Project Records|Project Records]]===

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Division 1 Supplemental Information

Project Records

To ensure uniform record keeping of project documents, a standard filing system is followed in each project office. These procedures will be followed by construction field offices, TSCs, the Region offices and the Construction Management Unit in Lansing. Details of these procedures are covered in the Bureau of Highway Instructional Memorandum 2008-09: Retention and Disposal of Construction Project Records.

While these procedures are intended to produce uniformity throughout the state, there is sufficient latitude to permit adapting the files to the large variety of contracts encountered. Most documents will be filed in their respective folder within each file series, as shown in the BOH IM 2008-09.

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Construction Documentation Standard Naming Conventions for e-Construction

Standard naming conventions for all documents will generally be form, date and descriptor

Form will either be form number or document acronymo Use Cert for Materials

  • Use CP for payrolls
  • Use SD for Shop Drawings

Dates will be year (4 digit), month (2 digit), day (2 digit) separated by dashes

  • 2013-01-09

Descriptor can be variable based on the document

  • Use Material Name for Materials

Cert 2013-02-04 White Cure

  • Use Contract’s name for payrolls
  • Describe the shop drawings
  • Describe the issue for correspondence

Revisions will be noted by placing a R or REV with the corresponding number after the name. The revised document should be named the same except for the R1 at the end of it.

Initials of user should be based on the initials in Field Manager

MDOT Submittals

Document Example
Work Orders, 1137 Sequence Number, What it is 1137 001 Drainage Changes
Force Accounts, 1101A Date, Description of Issue 1101A 2013-01-09 Rut Filling
Contract Modifications, CM Sequence Number, Tier Number, Short Description CM 001 T1 Additional Signage
Pay Estimates, Pay Estimate Sequence Number, Contract ID Pay Estimate 001 47065-101619
Correspondence, Date, Sender’s Initials, Description of Issue 2013-01-15 PJM Lane Closures
IDRS (no attachment),IDR Date, Inspector’s Initials as appears in FieldManager IDR 2012-09-27 NN
IDRS (with attachment), IDR Date, Inspector’s Initials as appears in FieldManager IDR 2012-09-27 NN A
NPDES, NPDES Date, Inspector Initials, Sequence Number NPDES 2013-01-27 JMT 001
Concrete Placement (Road or Structure), 1174R Date of Pour, Inspector Initials 1174R 2012-04-15 PJM
Density Report, 582B Date, Inspector Initials 582B 2012-11-04 NN
Permit to Place, 1125 Date, Material they are approved to Place 1125 2013-03-10 Aggregate
Pictures, Date, Photo Description 2013-07-28 Station 754+00 HMA
Aggregate Report, Form Number, Date of Test, Source, Description 1900 2012-11-29 class II 70-62 (sand was approved)
Meeting Minutes, Date, Meeting Description 2013-03-17 Progress Meeting
General Computations, 205 Date, Description 205 2013-08-11 Underdrain Sketch
Certified Payroll Checklist, 1952 Contractor Weekending Date 1952 AJAX 2012-06-08
Wage Rate Interviews, WRI Contractor Interview Date, Sequence Number WRI Lowe 2013-08-11 001
Mobility Reports, Mobility Date, Initials Mobility 2013-04-17 MO
Cylinder Compression Results, Form Date of Pour, Inspector Initials and number 1999 2013-04-27 GRG 13

Contractor Submittals

Document Example
Progress Schedule, 1130 Contractor 1130 Milbocker
Subcontracts, 1302 Contractors Name 1302 K&R
Material Source List, MSL Date, Contractors Name MSL 2013-12-12 CA Hull
Bridge Shop Drawings, SD, Structure #, Description of Item SD B-05 Steel
Road Shop Drawings, SD, Description of Item SD Traffic Signal
Material Certifications, Cert Date, Name of Material Cert 2013-02-15 White Cure
Certified Payrolls, Form, Week Ending Date, Contractor Name CP 2013-06-28 CA Hull
Correspondence, Date, Sender’s Initials, Subject 2013-04-15 TLP Haul Route
Request for Information, RFI Sequence Number, Issue RFI 001 Pipe Clarification
Permits, Permit Type, Contractor Name NPDES Toebe
Time Extensions, 1100A Sequence Number 1100A 001
Misc Documentation, What it is, Contractor Safety Program Fonson
Concrete Mix Designs, Form Date, Contractor Name 1976 2013-06-28 CA Hull
HMA Mix Designs, Form Date, Contractor Name 1911 2013-06-28 Rieth-Riley
Certified Concrete Plant Mix, Form Week Ending Date, Producer Name, Plant Number 1155 2013-01-08 Superior

Materials 813

Early Cylinder Breaks (from Contractor), Early Cylinder Breaks, Date Cast Early Cylinder Breaks 2012-12-18
Concrete Field Test Report (from Contractor),Concrete Field Test, Report Date Concrete Field Test Report 2012-01-10
Welder Certifications, Welder Name (Last, First), Position of Weld*, Type of Weld** Welder Smith Joe 1F SMAW
* “Position” – 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc
** “Type” – SMAW, SAW, FCAW, GMAW, TIG

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e-Construction File System

Header File Number Header Description Header MDOT Form Number
100 Administration
100 Award Letter
101 Contrat Form
Consultant Contracts
Progress Schedule
Weekly Statement of Work Days Charged 1130
Workzone Enforcement Contracts 1116
102 Work Orders
Notice of Non-Compliance with Contract 1165
Work Orders 1137
103 Contract Modifications
Contractor Statement of Digital Electronic Signature Validation Form 5600
Extension of Time request 1100A
MDOT Authorized Signature Form 1979
Value Engineering Change Proposal 1962
103-1 FHWA 1365 Pre-Approvals
104 Damage Claims Notices 1119D
105 Pay Estimates and Stockpiles
106 Correspondence
107 Preconstruction and Progress Meetings
108 Utilities, Permits and Real Estate
200 Field Records
200 Inspector's Daily Reports 1122B
200-1 Photographs & Videos
201 Shop Drawing
201-1 Request For Information(RFI)
201-2 Survey
202 Earthwork
Delivery Tickets
Grade Check 1145
Record of Soils Recommendations 583
202-1 NPDES and SESC Reports 1126
Environmental Permits
203 Aggregate
HMA Base Crush and Shape
204 Drainage
205 Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
HMA Tickets
Pre Production Meeting Minutes
206 Concrete
Concrete Delivery Tickets
Contractors QC Test Reports (Air, slump, temp)
Coring Request 500
Inspector’s Report of Concrete placed - Roadway 1174R
Inspector’s Report of Concrete placed - Structure 1174S
Pre-production Meeting Minutes
Ride Quality
207 Structure
Bridge Decks Concrete Depth Measurements 1131
Bridge Reinforcing Computations 1138
Foundation Piling Record (LRFD) 1161(L)
Hydrodemolition Documents
Permit To Place 1125
Pile Driving Table 1157A
Structure - Clearance Measurements 1190
Structure Painting forms 1941
Test Pile Record 1157
Sheet Piling and Cofferdams
Precast Concrete Beams
Drilled Shafts
Drilled Shaft Inspection Record for Highway signs, Luminaires, TS 1988
208 Miscellaneous
General Comps.
Slope Restoration
Permanent Traffic Signs
Electrical Items
Inspector's Checklist For Inspection for Solar Boards 1013S
Mobility Report 1998
Pavement Marking Material Verification Checklist 1585
Traffic Control Report Form 1996
300 Material Testing
300 Material Source List 501
301 Density
Independent Assurance Test 509
Moisture and Density Determination of Soils 0582-B
Record of Density Retests 0582-A
302 Earthwork
Erosion Control Silt Fence
303 Aggregate
Aggregate Inspection Daily Report 1900
Independent Assurance Test
Mechanical Analysis Report 1901
Report of Test
304 Drainage
Field Report For Concrete Pipe 1920
Field Report For Precast Drainage Items 1920A
Independent Assurance Test
Material Certifications
Report of Test
305 Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
Daily Report of Bituminous Plant Inspection 1903
Daily Report of Contractor's Quality Control Tests 1903-C
HMA Quality Assurance Plan 587
Independent Assurance Test 1842
Job Mix Formula (JMF) Bituminous Field Communication 1911
Material Certifications
PWL spread sheet
QA/QC Plan
Report of Compacted Bituminous Mixture Core Density & Percent Compaction
Report of Quality Assurance Testing
Report of Test
306 Concrete
Concrete Cylinder/Core Compression Test Results 1160-A
Concrete Plant Equipment Inspection Report 580
Concrete Plant Inspection 0580-A
Concrete Proportioning Plant Report 1174
Independent Assurance Test 503
JMF Concrete Field Communication 1976
Material Certifications
Pavement Core Record 502
PWL spread sheets
QA/QC Plan
Report Of Modulus Of Rupture 1160
Report of Test
Summary Report of Field Tests and Cylinder Results 590
Weekly Summary Of Cert. Concrete/Comm. Central-Transit Mix 1155
306-1 QA/QC
Concrete Field Cylinders Test Results 1999
307 Structure
Magnetic Particle Inspection Report 0538-A
Material Certifications
Report of Test
Report Of Ultrasonic Examination Of Welds 0538-B
Structure Foundation Inspection 579
308 Miscellaneous
Material Certifications
Report of Test
Slope Restoration
Cantilever and Bridge Mount Inspection 519
400 Internal Use Only
400 Closeout Documents
Contractor Performance Evaluations (CPE)
Final Acceptance/Certification Report 1120
Final Engineering Acceptance Report
Final Estimate package Memo 1105
Final Estimate Review Summary 1147 & 1147C
Post Certification of Subcontract compliance (Copy) 1386
Warranty Documents
Work Completion letter from contractor
401 Certified Payrolls
Apprenticeship & Trainee Reports
Approved WH-347
Certified Payroll Review Checklist 1952
Certified Payroll Status Log 1954
Contractor’s Certified Payroll 1955
Jobsite Poster Inspection Checklist 1967
Minimum Wage Rate - Interview Sheet Tier1 1156-T1
Minimum Wage Rate - Interview Sheet Tier2 1156-T2
Re-Submitted WH-347
Unapproved WH-347
402 Sub-Contracts
All Subcontracts 1302
Commercially Useful Function (CUF) Project Site Review 4109
DBE participation (blue sheets) 178
DBE Trucker Project site review 1992
Prime Contractor Bi-Weekly statement of Subcontractor payments 2124-A
403 Contractor Claims and Force Account
Contractor Claims
Force Account Documents

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