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e-Signature Process

The Michigan Attorney General’s office, in concurrence of the Federal Highway Administration, has issued a decision authorizing the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to use and accept digitally encrypted electronic signatures. These digital signatures are not scanned copies of handwritten signatures or faxed copies of a handwritten signature, but are a secure electronic “object” that is embedded into the electronic PDF document by the signer with their unique password, identity, and the date/time digitally encrypted into the electronic document.

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MDOT Style Guidelines for Use of Electronic Signatures

MDOT electronic signatures will need to conform to the following style guidelines: Adobe Software digital signature option selections:

  • Graphic options shall be:
    • “Name” Or “Imported Graphic” (as outlined below)
  • Configure text shall be configured as:
    • Uncheck the adobe “logo”
    • Required to include: (“Name”, “Date”, “Location” and “Reason”)
    • Optional “Distinguished Name” (includes job title)
    • Optional for “labels”
    • “left to right”

You may have multiple digital signature files configured for different purposes. It is even possible to configure a digital signature with an “Imported Graphic” (option noted above) containing an image of your scanned written signature or a scan of a professional license stamp. These are acceptable, but written signature images are not required and non-business related graphics are not acceptable.

Below are some Presentations on how to setup and administer electronic signatures

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Using Adobe Reader to Digitally Sign

Adobe Reader(tm) can be used to sign forms which are enabled for electronic signature. The video below provides a demonstration on how to set up and sign a document digitally using Adobe Reader(tm).

How to Digitally Sign a document with Adobe Reader

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