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2019 Compliance Assessment Program Targeted Action Plan

The 2019 Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) review noted several findings related to field documentation on construction projects. FHWA and MDOT approved a targeted action plan to address those findings.

2019 CAP Targeted Action Plan

To address findings from the 2019 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) review as well as future reviews, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Construction Field Services (CFS) Division has partnered with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Michigan Division to establish the following targeted training efforts to address findings during FHWA reviews. The FHWA performs several types of reviews including: CAP reviews, field reviews with Construction Inspection Reports (CIR), finance/billing reviews, and process reviews. Each of these reviews may indicate a need for enhanced education for construction field staff on topics such as Inspector Daily Reports, calculations, forms, reporting requirements, field documentation, etc. This procedure will be incorporated into the MDOT Construction Manual.

Current Outreach and Training

CFS has historically engaged statewide and regional events to provide outreach of findings from FHWA reviews. These engagements will continue at the following events.

  • MDOT Statewide Construction Alignment Conference
  • MDOT / ACEC Partnering Conference
  • Country Road Association, County Engineers Workshop
  • MDOT Region Construction Kickoff Meetings

In addition, CFS engages the Certified Office Technician training instructors to discuss opportunities to enhance the class curriculum.

Additional Review-Driven Education

Effective with the PY 2019 FHWA review and any reviews performed thereafter, CFS will engage an additional targeted training approach after discussion with the FHWA Michigan Division Office. This specific training will be conducted in person and will provide additional focus to offices where findings or concerns have been noted. The training will be facilitated by CFS staff in the Construction Operations Section and may include subject matter experts from other areas of the Department. The Engineer of Construction Field Services will participate in the training outreach to better understand field challenges and issues. The training will be provided to MDOT offices, local agencies, and consultant companies dependent on the specific findings. CFS will partner with the FHWA Michigan Division office to determine when targeted training efforts should be employed with a specific office or company.

The curriculum at these training events may include, but is not limited to, any of the following topics as applicable:

  • Review of findings.
  • Discussion of Office Technician duties and tasks from the Certified Office Technician training course.
  • Discussion of procedures and processes in the MDOT Construction Manual.
  • Discussion of technical training as offered by CFS staff in the Construction Operations Section.
  • Discussion of other applicable CFS reference manuals.
  • Additional training, as needed, based on specific findings.

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