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<center>for economic benefit and improved quality of life.</center>
<center>for economic benefit and improved quality of life.</center>
'''TABLE OF CONTENTS'''</center>
'''General - Contract Administration'''
[[Division 1 – General Provisions]]
[[101 - General Project Administration|101    Terms, Format, and Definitions]]
102    Bid Submission, Award, and Execution of Contract
103    Scope of the Work
104    Control of the Work
105    Control of Materials
106    Quality Assurance Acceptance Program
107    Legal Relations and Responsibilities to the Public
108    Prosecution and Progress
109    Measurement and Payment
150    Mobilization
'''Division 2 - Earthwork'''
[[201 - Clearing|201    Clearing]]
[[202 - Removing Trees, Stumps, and Corduroy|202    Removing Trees, Stumps, and Corduroy]]
[[203 - Removing Drainage Structures, Culverts, and Sewers|203    Removing Drainage Structures, Culverts, and Sewers]]
[[204 - Removing Miscellaneous Structures and Materials|204    Removing Miscellaneous Structures, and Materials]]
205    Roadway Earthwork
[[206 - Excavation and Backfill for Structures|206    Excavation and Backfill for Structures]]
207    Obliterating Roadway
[[208 - Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (NPDES)|208    Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control]]
[[209 - Project Cleanup|209    Project Cleanup]]
'''Division 3 - Bases'''
[[301 - Subbase|301    Subbase]]
[[302 - Aggregate Base Courses|302    Aggregate Base Course]]
[[303 - Open Graded Drainage Course|303    Open-Graded Drainage Courses]]
[[304 - Rubbilizing Existing PCC Pavement|304    Rubblizing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement]]
[[305 - HMA Base Crushing and Shaping|305    HMA Base Crushing and Shaping]]
[[306 - Aggregate Surface Course|306    Aggregate Surface Course]]
[[307 - Aggregate Shoulders and Approaches|307    Aggregate Shoulders and Approaches]]
308    Geotextile for Base
'''Division 4 - Drainage Features'''
[[401 - Culverts|401    Pipe Culverts]]
[[402 - Storm Sewers|402    Storm Sewers]]
[[403 - Drainage Structures|403    Drainage Structures]]
[[404 - Underdrain|404    Underdrains]]
[[405 - Pump Station Construction|405    Pump Station Construction]]
406    Precast Three-Sided, Arch, AND Box Culverts
'''Division 5 - Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements and Surface Treatments'''
[[501 - HMA Mixtures|501    Plant Produced Hot Mix Asphalt]]
502    HMA Crack Treatment
[[503 - Contractor Quality Control for HMA|503    Paver Placed Surface Seal]]
[[504 - Furnishing and Placing HMA Mixtures (Quality Assurance)|504    Micro-Surfacing]]
[[505 - Overband Crack Seal|505    Chip Seals]]
[[506 - Slurry Seal|506    Slurry Seal]]
'''Division 6 - Portland Cement Concrete Pavements'''
[[601 - PCC Pavement Mixtures|601    Portland Cement Concrete for Pavements]]
602    Concrete Pavement Construction
603    Concrete Pavement Restoration
[[604 - Contractor Quality Control for Concrete|604    Contractor Quality Control for Concrete]]
[[605 - Contractor Quality Assurance for Concrete|605    Quality Assurance (Acceptance) for Concrete]]
'''Division 7 - Structures'''
[[701 - Portland Cement Concrete|701    Portland Cement Concrete for Structures]]
[[702 - Mortar and Grout|702    Mortar and Grout]]
[[703 - Mortar and Concrete Patching Repair and Resurfacing Mixes|703    Mortar and Concrete Patching, Repair, and Resurfacing Mixtures]]
[[704 - Steel Piling and Cofferdams|704    Steel Sheet Piling and Cofferdams]]
[[705 - Foundation Piling|705    Foundation Piling]]
[[706 - Structural Concrete|706    Structural Concrete Construction]]
[[707 - Structural Steel|707    Structural Steel Construction]]
[[708 - Precast Concrete Beams (Prestressed)|708    Prestressed Concrete]]
[[709 - Timber Sturctures|709    Timber Structures]]
[[710 - Waterproofing and Protective Covers|710    Waterproofing and Protective Covers]]
[[711 - Bridge Railings|711    Bridge Railings]]
712    Bridge Rehabilitation - Concrete
[[713 - Bridge Rehabilitation, Steel|713    Bridge Rehabilitation - Steel]]
[[714 - Temporary Structures and Approaches|714    Temporary Structures and Approaches]]
[[715 - Cleaning and Coating Existing Structural Steel|715    Cleaning and Coating Existing Structural Steel]]
[[716 - Shop Cleaning and Coating Structural Steel|716    Shop Cleaning and Coating Structural Steel]]
[[717 - Downspouts and Drains|717    Downspouts and Drains]]
718    Drilled Shafts
'''Division 8 - Incidental Construction'''
[[801 - Concrete Driveways|801    Concrete Driveways]]
[[802 - Concrete Curb, Gutter, and Dividers|802    Concrete Curb, Gutter, and Dividers]]
[[803 - Concrete Sidewalk, Ramps, and Steps|803    Concrete Sidewalks, Sidewalk Ramps, and Steps]]
[[804 - Concrete Barriers and Glare Screens|804    Concrete Barriers, Glare Screens, and Foundations for Light Standards and Sign Supports]]
[[805 - Hot Mix Asphalt Curb|805    Hot Mix Asphalt Curb]]
[[806 - Bicycle Paths|806    Shared Use Paths]]
[[807 - Guardrail, Guardrail Terminals, and Miscellaneous Posts|807    Guardrail, Guardrail Terminals, and Miscellaneous Posts]]
[[808 - Fencing|808    Fencing]]
[[809 - Field Office|809    Field Office]]
[[810 - Permanent Traffic Signs and Supports|810    Permanent Traffic Signs and Supports]]
[[811 - Permanent Pavement Markings|811    Permanent Pavement Markings]]
[[812 - Temporary Traffic Control for Construction Zone Operations|812    Temporary Traffic Control for Construction Zone Operations]]
[[813 - Slope Protection|813    Slope Protection]]
[[814 - Paved Ditches|814    Paved Ditches]]
[[815 - Landscaping|815    Landscaping]]
[[816 - Turf Establishment|816    Turf Establishment]]
[[817 - Landscape Mowing|817    Landscape Mowing]]
[[818 - Dune Grass Planting|818    Dune Grass Planting]]
[[819 - Electrical and Lighting|819    Electrical and Lighting]]
[[820 - Traffic Signals|820    Traffic Signals]]
[[821 - Preservation of Land Monuments and Property Corners|821    Preservation of Land Monuments, Control Points, and Property Corners]]
[[822 - Ground or Cut Centerline and Shoulder Corrugations|822    Ground or Cut Shoulder Corrugations]]
823    Water Mains
824    Contractor Staking
'''Division 9 - Materials'''
901    Cement and Lime
902    Aggregates
903    Admixtures and Curing Materials for Concrete
904    Asphaltic Materials
905    Steel Reinforcement
906    Structural Steel
907    Fencing Materials
908    Miscellaneous Metal Products
909    Drainage Products
910    Geosynthetics
911    Water
912    Timber and Lumber
913    Masonry Units
914    Joint and Waterproofing Materials
915    Bridge Coating Systems
916    Erosion and Sedimentation Control Materials
917    Turf and Landscaping Materials
918    Electrical and Lighting Materials
919    Permanent Traffic Sign and Support Materials
920    Permanent Pavement Marking Materials
921    Permanent Traffic Signal Materials
922    Temporary Traffic Control Materials
923    Water Main Materials
[[Early CM Format]]

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This manual has been prepared to give information and guidance to construction project personnel associated with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). In case of conflict between the Standard Specifications for Construction or contract documents and this manual, the specifications and contract documents will have precedence.

This manual has been revised throughout to incorporate changes brought about by the release of the 2012 Standard Specifications for Construction and by progress in equipment, construction practices, and materials. The format has been established to follow the standard specification outline with divisions and sections set up to facilitate revision and addition of new information as needed.

MDOT 'Mission' Statement:

Providing the highest quality integrated transportation services
for economic benefit and improved quality of life.