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<center>'''Bureau of Field Services'''</center>
<center><span STYLE="font: 30pt arial;">'''Bureau of Field Services'''</span></center>
<center>'''Construction Field Services Division '''</center>
<center><span STYLE="font: 15pt arial;">'''Construction Field Services Division '''</span></center>
[[File:Mackinac Bridge.png|1000px|framed|center|Construction began 60 years ago this month on the "Mighty Mac"]]
[[File:Mackinac Bridge.png|1000px|framed|center|Construction began 60 years ago this month on the "Mighty Mac"]]

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Bureau of Field Services
Construction Field Services Division
Construction began 60 years ago this month on the "Mighty Mac"
Construction of US-31 in Petosky

General Information

Current News

With the first release of the MDOT Wiki Construction Manual there are bound to be some errors. If you find an error on a page please contact the Content Manager for that particular Division located here in the Help page. Some sections are still undergoing content revisions, most have been identified by the Content Managers and are noted as such in the Wiki Constrution Manual.

Content will be revised frequently and a way to monitor what changes have occured recently is by using the Recent changes page. This page will show all major and minor edits along with new users that were created. Pretty much everything that goes on in the Construction Manual. For a more specific listing of content changes you will want to see the Recent Major Changes page which contains a manually updated list of content changes for specific sections of the Construction Manual.

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Recent Major Changes

The table below is a list of Major changes.

Division Section Summary
Division 7 707 Complete re-write compared to the 2003 Construction Manual
Division 7 713 Complete re-write compared to the 2003 Construction Manual

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This manual has been prepared to give information and guidance to construction project personnel associated with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). In case of conflict between the Standard Specifications for Construction or contract documents and this manual, the specifications and contract documents will have precedence.

This manual has been revised throughout to incorporate changes brought about by the release of the 2012 Standard Specifications for Construction and by progress in equipment, construction practices, and materials. The format has been established to follow the standard specification outline with divisions and sections set up to facilitate revision and addition of new information as needed.

Additional information about the Wiki Construction Manual and submitting revision suggestions is located in the Help:Contents page.

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MDOT Mission Statement

Providing the highest quality integrated transportation services for economic benefit and improved quality of life.

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