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  • ===[[#Prompt Payment | Prompt Payment]]=== ...ode=se49.1.26_129&rgn=div8 49 CFR 26.29] For MDOT let projects the prompt pay requirements and procedures are detailed in [
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  • ===[[#Prompt Payment|Prompt Payment]]=== ...romptly. MDOT interprets prompt payment to mean the prime Contractor will pay each subcontractor for satisfactory performance of its contract no later th
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  • ...ill be provided to the contractor and any subcontractors as requested when pay estimates are processed or when specifically requested. This will allow the #There should be discussion on the Frequently Used Special Provision for Prompt Payment [
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  • ...icator step certification for all items identified on MDOT’s Buy America - Pay Items and Materials that Require Step Certification list. The most current ...e step certification documentation for all items on the MDOT Buy America - pay item and material list is to be submitted to the engineer in a package cove
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  • ...completion date. When the Engineer determines the final quantities of all pay items and completed required documentation for the project is together, the accurate resolution of any identified file deficiencies and allow for a prompt closeout request (1105/1105A submittal) upon actual construction completion
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  • ...ions' to the section under Final Inspection, Acceptance, and Final Payment-Pay Estimate and Inactive Project Notification||[ ...ct Considerations' to the section under Required Signature on Construction Pay Estimates||[
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  • ...ts will result in the application of liquidated damages and the associated pay item “Liquidated Damages, Other”. ...ovided below contains production rates for major work items. The link will prompt you to download the file.
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  • *Any reports of non-compliance with prompt payment requirements. ...ted by the contractor in the MERS database on a bi-weekly basis whenever a pay estimate is generated by the engineer. The final 2124A submittal must be el
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  • includes increasing original pay items unless it is for interim or final balancing as ...odifications). These balancing contract modifications must not contain any pay items or work that are part of a major change as defined above. Once an ex
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