Structural Fabrication Quality Manual

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The Bureau of Bridges and Structures Construction Section has developed a Structural Fabrication Quality Manual. The manual is referenced in the MDOT Materials Quality Assurance Procedures Manual and is located on the Structural Fabrication Unit’s (SFU) website. A brief description of the manual is presented below.

Chapter 1 (General Information): Existing MDOT Structural Fabrication Quality Assurance Guidance Document is rolled into this manual with the addition of a narrative report writing section.

Chapter 2 (Fabrication Inspection Procedures): Existing fabrication inspection procedures from MQAP Manual with the following general revisions:

  • Formatting update;
  • Revised original MQAP numbering system;
  • Updates to reflect current naming convention;
  • Revised reference documents;
  • Added referenced to ITPs;
  • Revised procedures to accurately reflect actual processes; and
  • Revised reporting section.

Chapter 3 (Inspection and Test Plans): A developed Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) supplement the fabrication inspection procedures shown in Chapter 2 by providing more detailed step by step inspection and test requirements, activity type, and option for reduced inspection (Level II) for less critical products. The following standard ITPs were developed:

  • Non-Prestressed Concrete: Level I
  • Non-Prestressed Concrete: Level II
  • Prestressed Concrete: Level I
  • Prestressed Concrete: Level II
  • Structural Steel: Level I
  • Structural Steel: Level II

Chapter 4 (Supplier Qualification Program): Existing Supplier Qualification Program for Prestressed Beams is in this chapter. This program was reviewed by industry last fall, approved by BOBS management, and becomes effective for the October 2020 letting. This chapter provides a natural home for the Structural Fabrication Unit’s’ prestressed beam supplier qualification program and offers room for growth.

Chapter 5 (Approved Supplier List): This chapter contains MDOT’s Approved Supplier List (ASL). Suppliers must successfully demonstrate compliance to the related MDOT Supplier Qualification Standard to be eligible. See Chapter 4 for more information about MDOT’s supplier qualification programs. MDOT’s ASL can be accessed by clicking the related hyperlink in this chapter or found on MDOT’s SFU website.