Table of Contents by Project Phase

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102.02 Contents of Proposal
Contract Administration and Oversight Guidelines for Projects Containing Warranty Work
Contract Administration and Oversight Guidelines for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Projects
Local Agency
Railroad Highway Projects
Preconstruction Meeting
104.01 Authority of the Department
104.07 Contractor Obligations
104.09 Lines, Grades, and Elevations
108.01 Subcontracting of Contract Work
102.18 Subletting Contract Work to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)
105.01 Quality and Scope of Supply
Materials Quality Assurance Procedures Manual
Hot Mix Asphalt Production Manual
Material Source List Forms (501)-Processing and Approval Procedure
105.10 Source of Steel and Iron
150 - Mobilization
107.12 Contractor's Responsibility for Utility Property and Services
107.15 Complience with Laws; Environmental Protection
Construction Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP)
105.07 Handling and Transporting Materials
107.19 Hauling on Local Roads and Streets
Contractor's Equipment and Traffic Control
Weight Limit Waivers
Holiday Traffic Safety Provisions
Davis-Bacon and State Prevailing Wage Information
Prevailing Wage Oversight Procedures
Apprentices and Trainees
LCPtracker Supplemental Information
109.04 Progress and Partial Payments
Work Order
103.02 Contract Revisions
Extending Project Limits
Project Delays Due to a Utility Company
108.07 Extension of Time on Work Day Contracts
Quality Initiatives and Adjustments
109.05 Payment for Contract Revisions
104.10 Contractor Claim for Extra Compensation or Time Extension
Dispute Review Board (DRB) Procedures
Processing Sewage/Storm Water Damage Claims
Notice of Non-Complience with Contract Requirements
108.10 Liquidated Damages
102.01 Prequalification of Bidders
109.07 Final Inspection, Acceptance, and Final Payment
Construction Field Services Indirect Testing Charges
Certification Programs