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Digital Project Signature Sheet

New Sharepoint Site The following link contains more information about the Project Signature sheet. If prompted, select "Request Access". Development Guide

New SharePoint Project Signature Sheet Page

The Project Signature Sheet replaces signing the title sheet of plan sets. Effective with the April 2021 Letting and beyond, Title Sheet wet ink signatures will be replaced on trunkline projects with digital signatures collected on the MDOT Project Signature Sheet.

Non-applicable Title Sheet levels/signature block areas must be turned off to provide the appropriate view before final turn in. The final Project Signature Sheet with all necessary in-house and/or Consultant digital signatures, seals, and logos (per the Project Signature Sheet instructions tab) must be submitted for final turn in along with the completed final plans and corresponding proposal in ProjectWise-Folder 6.

See Road Design Manual Chapters 1.02.01, 14.57, and 14.60 for more information

Trunkline Project Implementation: Effective with the July 2023 Letting and beyond, all trunkline projects must utilize OneSpan for the Project Signature Sheet. In addition, an updated Certification Acceptance (CA) form that will use digital stamps will be required for the July 2023 Letting and beyond. An updated Project Signature Sheet and CA Form, as well as training, will be provided in April 2023 for project use.

It is understood that project related forms that require signatures may have already been obtained for the July 2023 Letting and beyond using the DocuSign signature appliance. Moving forward, if a form has been created and fully completed with signatures prior to June 30th, 2023, it can be retained with existing DocuSign Signatures (excluding the Project Signature Sheet). OneSpan must be utilized for any project related forms if all necessary signatures have not been completely obtained by June 30th, 2023.

Combination use of DocuSign signatures and OneSpan signatures will not appear valid if placed on the same document; all signatures must use only one digital signature software.

Please direct any questions regarding digital signature changes to:

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