Chapter 1 - Survey Standards Introduction

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This document sets forth general standards of practice governing land surveying activities conducted by and for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). It outlines the level of effort to be used by MDOT and Consultant Surveyors in obtaining various types of information. These standards are to be used in the absence of project specific instructions in recognition of the fact that a consistent approach will provide dependable results. The following definitions and levels of effort are intended to be the basis of reference for a complete survey. Any deviation from these standards, not addressed in the Scope of Survey for a project, must be completed with the approval of the MDOT Survey Consultant Project Manager for the project or the MDOT Region Surveyor. Any decisions may be appealed in writing to the MDOT Supervising Land Surveyor.

If a conflict exists between a specific scope and this document, contact an MDOT Survey Consultant Project Manager or MDOT Region Surveyor for clarification.

The purpose of these standards are to assure consistent results from all surveys done for MDOT. Uniformity in methods, accuracy, specifications and deliverables will ensure the same results in the same format regardless of whether the survey is performed by MDOT personnel or a consultant firm.

All survey work performed in Michigan must comply with all Michigan laws relative to land surveying and under the direct supervision of a Professional Surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Michigan, according to Public Act 299 of 1980, as amended.

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