Chapter 7 - Plan and Proposal Preparation

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The links listed below are the most current forms and file types. These files were previously found in the Design Advisory 2012-05, Section 2.4, or have been created as part of process improvements.

7.1 Proposal

  1. Proposal_Table_of_Contents-Template.pdf

7.2 Templates

  1. Plan_TOC_Road_-_Template
  2. Plan_TOC_Bridge_-_Template

7.3 Miscellaneous Plan Set Sheets

Legend Sheets MDOT 02.dgn

Legend Sheets CONNECT.dgn

Legend Sheets Project PDF.dgn

Misc Quant Sheet.doc

Misc Quant Sheet.dgn

Note Sheet 2020 Log Job

Note Sheet 2020

Ownership Sheet 2012

Project Info Sheet

Standard Plan Index Generator

Survey Info Sheet

7.4 Sample Plans CONNECT 11X17

Connect Sample Plans are currently in progress. This table has been recently changed to indicate the status of the current working drawings, recent changes, as well as an anticipated date for when the drawings will be fully implemented on all MDOT projects. To further clarify the status column, please see the definitions below.

Pending = Looking for sample data sets or ideas

Draft = Draft standard that is still under review by MDOT.

Candidate = Are available for project use. This generally applies to new plan sheet types such as the grading plan and the drainage profile. If these candidate standards are not used for project development then designers should refer to the MDOT 02 Sample Plans

Final = Revisions have been implemented.

Plan Sheet Type Status File Document Revisions
Title Draft Title Sheet Converted to ORD
ROW Vicinity / Drainage Map Draft Vicinity Map Converted to ORD
Typicals Draft Typicals Converted to ORD
Miscellaneous Details Draft Miscellaneous Details Converted to ORD
Alignment Draft Alignment Converted to ORD
Removal Draft Removal Converted to ORD
Construction Draft Construction Converted to ORD
Drainage Draft Drainage Converted to ORD
Grading Candidate Grading Draft Posted
Profile Candidate Profile Draft Posted
Drainage Profile Candidate Drainage Profile Draft Posted
Water Main & Sanitary Sewer Pending Pending
Maintaining Traffic Staging Plans / Detours Pending Pending
Maintaining Traffic Typical Cross Sections Pending Pending
Detail Grades Draft Detail Grades Converted to ORD
Culvert Plans Pending Pending
Detention Basin Details Pending Pending
Wetland Mitigation Pending Pending
Rest Area / Landscape Pending Pending
Guardrail Details Draft Guardrail Details Converted to ORD
Permanent Signing Pending Pending
Pavement Marking Draft Pavement Marking Converted to ORD
Lighting Pending Pending
ITS Pending Pending
Signal Pending Pending
Log of Borings Pending Pending

7.5 Project PDF Sample Plans


7.6 MDOT-02 Sample Plans

  • Road Sample Plans
  1. MDOT Sample Plans Road
  2. Freeway Rehabilitation
  3. Ramp Reconstruction
  4. Non-Freeway Recon
  5. Non-Freeway Rehab
  6. Passing Flare
  • Bridge Sample Plans
  1. MDOT Sample Plans Bridge
  2. MDOT_Bridge_Sample_Deep_Overlay
  3. Deck Replacement
    Sheets 1-10
    Sheets 11-28
  4. Superstructure Replacement - Spread Box Beams
    Sheets 1-13
    Sheets 14-17
    Sheets 18-37
  5. Archive Sample Plans Bridge
  • Right of Way (R.O.W.) Sample Plans
  1. RDM Chapter 5 Sample Sketches

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