Chapter 7 - Plan and Proposal Preparation

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For current plan preparation guidance the Guidelines for Plan Preparation;

For previous versions of the Sample Plans see History of Sample Plans

7.1 Proposal

  1. Proposal_Table_of_Contents-Template.pdf

7.2 Templates

  1. Plan_TOC_Road_-_Template
  2. Plan_TOC_Bridge_-_Template

7.3 Miscellaneous Plan Set Sheets

7.4 Sample Plans CONNECT 11X17

Plan Sheet Type File
Title Title Sheet
ROW Vicinity / Drainage Map Vicinity Map
Typicals Typicals
Miscellaneous Details Miscellaneous Details
Alignment Alignment
Removal Removal
Construction Construction
Drainage Drainage
Grading Grading
Profile Profile
Drainage Profile Drainage Profile
Detail Grades Detail Grades
Guardrail Details Guardrail Details
Pavement Marking Pavement Marking

7.6 MDOT-02 Sample Plans

  • Road Sample Plans
  1. MDOT Sample Plans Road
  2. Freeway Rehabilitation
  3. Ramp Reconstruction
  4. Non-Freeway Recon
  5. Non-Freeway Rehab
  6. Passing Flare
  • Bridge Sample Plans
  1. MDOT Sample Plans Bridge
  2. MDOT_Bridge_Sample_Deep_Overlay
  3. Deck Replacement
    Sheets 1-10
    Sheets 11-28
  4. Superstructure Replacement - Spread Box Beams
    Sheets 1-13
    Sheets 14-17
    Sheets 18-37
  5. Archive Sample Plans Bridge