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Progress Schedule, Form 1130

A requirement of the Progress Clause is to submit a construction schedule. Unless the contract requires a CPM schedule, a Progress Schedule is required and is typically submitted on Form 1130. This Progress Schedule is submitted by the Contractor for approval within 7 calendar days after award and prior to starting work per 12SP-101A. Typically the Progress Schedule will be submitted and discussed at the preconstruction meeting, but can vary depending upon the overall project timing.

The Progress Schedule will include, as a minimum, the starting and completion dates for all major items of work, controlling operations, and a final project completion date. If an open to traffic date is specified in the bidding proposal, or if the bidding proposal specifies other controlling or interim completion dates, these must also be included in the Progress Schedule. It is acceptable for the contractor to list “Contract Award” as the first item on form 1130 if the award date is correctly noted and confirmed. The first work item listed (after “Contract Award” if the contractor chooses to list this) must contain an anticipated start date with an asterisk and “*Start work on date as noted or within 10 days of contract award” in the REMARKS section of form 1130.

On Form 1130, overlapping dates or workdays for start/complete of the controlling items may be allowed if sufficient justification is included in the submitted Contractor's Progress Schedule. There can be the same start date for completing an item and starting the next.

On workday projects, there has to be a statement on Form 1130 as to when the Contractor will start work (e.g. "Start work within 10 days of award" or "Start by June 16, 2018").

Updates to the Progress Schedule must occur as described in the 108.05.A.3 of the Standard Specifications.

Figure 102-7 is an example of a completed Progress Schedule for a calendar date project. Figure 102-8 is an example of a completed Progress Schedule for a work day project.

Figure 102-7 - Example - Calendar Date Project Progress Schedule
Figure 102-8 - Example - Work Day Progress Schedule