102.01 Prequalification of Bidders

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102.01 Prequalification of Bidders
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Contractor Performance Evaluation (CPE) and 1165 Form for Non-Compliance Transition

MDOT is implementing a shift away from Contractor Performance Evaluations (CPE). Projects with 20SP-102D-01 Non-Compliance with Contract Requirements will not utilize the CPE process, but will instead use the 1165 Form in place of the CPE process. Per the use statement for this FUSP, this will be applicable for trunkline projects with final completion dates on or after June 5, 2024.

Projects without 20-SP-102D-1 will continue to utilize the CPE process. This will be applicable to local agency jobs and MDOT jobs with final completion dates before June 5, 2024.

This transition will take place over several years, with MDOT Trunkline projects being the first projects to stop performing Contractor Performance Evaluations. As a result, MDOT will maintain both processes below.

Guidance for the submittal of CPE's and 1165 Non-Compliance Documents an be found here:

MDOT Non-Compliance Process

Contractor Performance Evaluation_(CPE)_Process

102.01 Prequalification of Bidders

Please review the Special Provision: 20SP-102D-01 Non-Compliance with Contract Requirements for more details.


Contract Performance Evaluation Review Team looks for patterns and trends of non-compliance. This group will evaluate Contractor non-compliance/performance and may refer issues to the MDOT Prequalification Committee in the event of serious or recurrent violations.

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