Information Sharing About Construction Contractors and Consultants

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Many times MDOT staff in the Contract Services Division, and in other divisions and bureaus, are not aware of changes within companies, especially changes pertaining to key personnel or major equipment. Often such changes could affect a company’s prequalification status and their ability to do work for MDOT.

Many MDOT employees have project management and contract management responsibilities, as well as numerous administrative duties associated with contractors, consultants and their contracts. Because there are so many individuals working on various parts of program delivery, it is critical that we work together as closely as possible to communicate and share information.

MDOT has established a fraud and abuse hot line, which has been set up for concerned parties to report apparent problems, or issues with any project. In addition to the hot line, we are asking you and your staff to share information about such things as:

  • Companies that share equipment or staff
  • Companies that buy or sell operations and acquire or give up staff to other companies
  • Concerns or issues that staff may have with companies and their operations

Please report any significant problems or concerns with companies or activities, such as those mentioned, to Contract Services Division, so that we can follow up with whatever reviews are necessary. For the vast majority of contractors and consultants, there are no concerns because they do good work for us without significant issues. In those instances when there are concerns, we need to work together to ensure that, collectively, we address and resolve the issues that arise.

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