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The Construction Field Services (CFS) Division has revised the MDOT Density Testing and Inspection Manual. A brief description of the revisions are presented below. Manual Section and Page Number

  • I.A.7 (pg. 3)
    • Included Slag Aggregate in the table as a material to be tested.
  • I.B.6.d (pg. 52)
    • Added a sentence to remind testers not to use the nuclear gauge when it is raining.
  • I.B.8.a (pg. 67)
    • Added language clarifying what procedure must be followed when the measured percent compaction exceeds 100%.
  • I.B.8.b (pg. 72)
    • Added language to emphasize that the original not the re-typed or re-copied version of a test report must be submitted to the office daily.
  • I.C.1.b (pg. 73)
    • Added language to emphasize that the succeeding layer must not be placed until the specification requirement has been met.
  • III.K (pg. 92)
    • Included in the table for minimum frequency of testing the requirement to test the footprint of the sleeper slab foundation.

The updated manual is available here.

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