Oversight of Maintenance Funded Projects Using the Michigan Department of Transportation Letting System

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This is to clarify documentation requirements and procedures for submitting final estimates for projects using maintenance funding and let using the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) letting system. These projects also require the use of FieldManager for record keeping and documentation. Projects in this category are let under the MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction and the referenced manuals and guides. Oversight and documentation requirements for these projects are the same as any state or federally funded construction project. The same procedures for inspection, pay item documentation, quality control/quality assurance testing, and materials testing must be followed.
The procedures for final inspection/acceptance and submission of the final estimate remain the same as for standard construction projects. In order to process the final estimate, the project records will need to have a final estimate review, unless the overseeing engineer is certified under the current MDOT Engineer Certification Program.