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Pavement Historical Database (PHD) – Annual Data Entry

This section establishes a due date for annual data entry into the PHD. The PHD contains pavement information such as surface type, lane width, and surface layer details. The database will provide readily available data across the department to serve a variety of needs, such as project scoping, design, research, maintenance, and forensic analysis.

Training sessions were conducted during the fall of 2009. The first full scale data entry was completed in early 2010 for pavement projects constructed during 2009. Feedback discussions were held with most regions, and participants have indicated that an annual February due date for completion of data entry is reasonable.

Some of the data items are required for the Federal Highway Administration’s Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS). MDOT must submit its reports for HPMS in June of each year. A February completion of data entry will allow adequate time to extract the required data.

February 28 is the annual due date for completion of data entry related to pavement, shoulder, or curb and gutter projects at least 0.1 mile in length constructed during the prior year. Regions are directed to allocate staff resources to achieve the required data entry by the February 28 deadline. This is to include M-fund projects, transportation work authorizations, warranty work, work completed by maintenance forces (MDOT and local) on MDOT routes, and permit work. Work on local agency routes is not entered in the PHD system.

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