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Preconstruction Meeting Minutes

All (MDOT and Local Agency) preconstruction meetings are to be held after award. Preconstruction meetings must not be conducted prior to award of the project.

Trunkline Boilerplate Preconstruction Meeting Minutes

The following link contains the Trunkline Boilerplate Preconstruction Meeting Minutes:
TRUNKLINE Boilerplate Preconstruction Meeting Minutes.docx

Preconstruction meeting minutes are to be recorded by the Construction\Project Engineer or their representative, sent to all attendees, and placed in projects ProjectWise construction folder in file 107 Preconstruction and Progress Meetings.

LAP Project Considerations

The local agency is responsible for scheduling, inviting appropriate attendees, and conducting the preconstruction meeting. They must invite the DR. The DR is encouraged to attend all LAP pre-construction meetings and is required to attend the meeting if the LAP project construction influence area is within the MDOT right-of-way.

LOCAL AGENCY Boilerplate Preconstruction Meeting Minutes.docx

The local must document required construction engineering personnel and laboratory utilization with certification/licensure information in the meeting minutes, even if they are already listed on the LAP program application. Certifications/licenses must not expire during the time said personnel or laboratory is performing work for the project.

In the event certified/licensed personnel or laboratories change at any time during the project, the local agency is required to notify the DR in writing within 7 days of the change. Information regarding certification/license requirements can be found in Local Agency Construction Engineering Requirements.

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